Saturday, January 01, 2000

Wisconsin Bloggers

The following list is always under construction. If you'd like to have your blog added to it, send an e-mail to

  • Althouse

    Arguably Wisconsin's most famous blogger, a UW-Madison law professor with a knack for delivering off-key speeches.

  • The Asian Badger
  • Wisconsin ex-pat living in Asia who regularly teases us by having a blog, not having a blog, having a blog under a different name...

  • Ask Me Later
  • Us. 'Nuff said.

  • The Confidentials
  • If you could invent a time machine and go back to the 1940s, but still have blogs, Bridget would be the star.

  • Dad29
  • The definition of Christian Conservative...and there's nothing wrong with that.

  • Dennis York
  • Who is he? What is he? Wanna read something from a man that we're not even sure is a man? The pinnacle of anonymity, Dennis York is a must-read.

  • Eminent Domain
  • A beer swilling law student with an insatiable "lust for hot Article III action"

  • Folkbum's Rambles and Rants
  • Teacher by day, liberal blogger by night (we're not sure when he actually blogs, but you get the idea). Jay Bullock once called Cantankerous "insane," so he must be a brave man.

  • Fraley's DailyTakes
  • By Political consultant and occassional talk radio host, Brian Fraley, this blog also has an anonymous commentor(?) that reminds me of a poltergeist...or house elf. Just check out anything Fraley has to say about Lee Halloway and you'll see what we mean.

  • Free Thinking Teachers
    • A woefully under-updated blog by teachers, primarily focused on education topics.

    • From Where I Sit
    • He says his name is Elliot Stearns. He claims to be in a wheelchair. While that's not entirely true, he's one of our favorite bloggers and shouldn't be missed. That part is true.

    • Gibbsville Unincorporated

    • The Happy Circumstance

    • I Am The Force

    • Leaning Blue
    • She's not kidding when she says she's leaning. Easily one of the most conservative-friendly liberal bloggers out there. And she has a neat mask!

    • Letters in BottlesThe Island Pundit

    • Marquette Warrior

    • McBride's Media Matters

      • Milwaukee ID10T

      • Milwaukee's Layton Park Blogger

      • Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative

      • Right of the Shore
      • What's it like to be a young, attractive blonde in Madison? Great! But how about being a young, attractive, conservative blonde in Madison? Find out by checking Jenna's blog out, as well as listening to her co-host on audio blogging with Aaron.

      • No Runny Eggs

      • Panther Talk Live

      • Scott Feldstein

      • Shark and Shepherd

      • The Spring City Chronicle

      • Subject to Change
      • The Cheddarsphere's most infamous "blegger," Aaron's picture frightens us. A probationary member of the Badger Blog Alliance and co-host of Wisconsin's finest audio blogging.

      • Sykes Writes

      • This, that and all the crap in between

      • Triticale

      • View from the cheap seats

      • Wagner on the Web

      • Watchdog Milwaukee

      • Wigderson Library & Pub

      • The World According to Nick

      • The Xoff Files

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