Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Larry King Goes Old School

Larry King recently interviewed the First Lady. I think before the interview someone should have told him that old riddle.

You know, the one that goes: A man and his son were in a car accident. The man was killed and the son badly hurt. The boy was rushed to a hospital. The surgeon on duty, when examining the boy, said: "I can't operate on him! That's my son!" How is this possible if the father died in the accident?

The surgeon is the boy's mom, stupid!

KING: You've lived the life of a First Lady of a state and a federal government. Would you want it for one of your daughters?

MRS. BUSH: Sure, if they wanted it. I mean, the fact is I'm the First Lady because I happened to marry someone who ran for President and won. I didn't run for the office; I'm here because he ran and he wanted to run. As he said, don't feel sorry for him, he's a volunteer -- he volunteered for this job and he ran for the office. I think that I have an unbelievable opportunity to see our country at its very, very best. And do I get to see it at its worst? Sure. But overwhelmingly, every opportunity that I have strengthens and encourages me because of the way the American people are.

KING: So you wouldn't mind it if one of them had the same fate?

MRS. BUSH: Sure, no. I mean, why did you not suggest that one of them might run themselves?


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