Thursday, March 23, 2006

What is This World Coming To?

How does something like this happen at 2 o'clock in the afternoon? Is it reasonable to believe that not a single soul was around the intersection of 1st and Center St. when this crime occurred? Is it reasonable to think that nobody, anywhere could have done something to help this kid?

These, I think, are not the right questions.

I think, rather, I should be asking whether or not McGee is going to be out peddling any stop snitching t-shirts. Because it is that kind of mentality that allows things like this to happen.

I think I should be asking when the Eugene Kane's of the world will resort to cries of responsibility instead of excuses. Because I'm sure you can bet that in the next few days we'll hear his answer to this crime. Yes, because in poor neighborhoods, apparently, nobody has a conscious. You only get those if you're rich and white. (Although I hope he does write something on this, and that he proves my prediction wrong)

The fact that yet another crime like this can happen, and in the middle of broad daylight should turn a glaring eye back on the community in which it happened. When will the people who live in these communities decide that they've had enough?

Maybe after the stop snitchin' t-shirts go out of style.

Ultimately, there's only so much government programs and police can do. At some point in time, someone (and by that I mean a lot of someone's) in these communities has got to stand up and decide whether or not their children are going to be able to see tomorrow. Whether or not thugs can roam the streets freely and without fear of repercussion. Someone has got to decide whether or not the world they wake up to can be bettered, and they've got to do something about it. It's my belief that these changes can happen, but they've got to start with caring about your neighbor.

UPDATE: Apparently, an unconcerned citizen did notice a "commotion":

Lillie Thomas lives nearby and noticed the commotion as she walked to the store Thursday. "A brown truck stopped right there and they got out."

Thomas tells TODAY'S TMJ4 it's not unusual to see people fighting at the school. "You can't really tell when they playin' or when they fightin' because there is so much of this going on over at that school."


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