Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A worthy cause

It seems only appropriate that our first Have Your Say be for a worthy cause...

March 29, 2006An open letter to the Southeastern Wisconsin New Media

As so many of you have already reported, Quadrevion Henning, 12, and Purvis Virginia-Parker, 11, were last seen at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, March 19th, 2006. That is when they told Henning's grandfather that they were going out to play basketball in the area around North 53rd Street and West Hampton Avenue. Ten days later, the boys are still missing and believed to be in the Milwaukee area.

At 5:00 PM on March 25th, a family Web site ( was launched to assist in the search. The site displays the latest facts regarding what the boys were wearing as well as the most recent photographs and physical statistics. The site also provides a link to the latest “Missing Persons” poster in both PDF and JPG format. This is where the families really need your help.

As of 4:26 AM this morning, there were 183,360 hits at While this is a respectable number, less encouraging is the number (4,168) of “Missing Posters” that were downloaded. The US postal carriers delivered 54,000 posters to homes and businesses surrounding the boy’s homes last weekend. We, as members of the New Media, can do much better. The Web site is capable of delivering over 6,000 posters per hour. In a few short hours, with your help, tens of thousands of these posters can be Downloaded, Printed and Distributed throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. If the download volume breaks the Web site, I will happily fix it and get it right back on line.

Download Print and Distribute

Gary Henning, Quadrevion’s grandfather said it best, “I would like the picture of these two boys burned into everyone’s mind.” So many people want to help, and the family and police think that this is the most effective way for the public to get involved. It’s definitely the easiest and fastest!

Download the poster

Print out at least one copy

Distribute it.

The missing poster is at for the PDF version and for the JPG version. If you would like banners or link graphics, please let me know the height and width parameters and I will get them to you immediately.

Ladies and gentlemen of the New Media, please flex your muscles for this cause.

Jim WendtWebmaster -



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