Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Doesn't This Just Say It All

I came across this piece of propaganda over at wisopinion. It really is amazing to me how much the left absolutely hates this country.

I could take the time to logically deconstruct this "argument," but all I really need point out is that, at minimum, and if we grant that both premises are true, it is an informal fallacy, a case of tu quo qua. (I don't agree that both premises are true, but clearly the author of this cartoon needs that condition for his argument.)

Mostly though it just serves as yet another reminder that the American people need a wake up call. Since we are lucky to have a government that actually invests in protecting us from a literal one (i.e. another 9/11) I have to say that I am grateful someone had the respect and the guts to make a film about the core of what all this "spying" and "torturing" is all about.

I once told a guy that the main difference between a liberal and a conservative is not that we don't want the same things, but rather liberals talk and act on the way things should be and conservatives keep that in mind but talk and act on the way things are. This cartoon reminds me of that naivete.

Who doesn't want a peaceful world? Who doesn't want our troops to come home and all the bad guys to go away and leave use alone? Everyone wants those things. The reality we live in though does not allow for flights of fancy. The reality is that there are people in the world, right now, who want nothing more than to kill Americans. Pretending that the situation is otherwise is just plain stupidity.

And while I'm at it, It always seems to me that liberals, in an effort to adhere to the fairyland they live in, like to forget key facts. Like the thousands of people who died in New York City that day. Like the tens of thousands of people Saddam Hussein is accused of murdering. Like the fact that displaying American flags in America (for Christ's sake) is not a source of antagonism because some people are actually proud to be American. What a shocker.

That cartoon is just sick. It's shameful that the man who constructed it was only able to do so because of the freedom he enjoys in a country such as this, a country that he obviously hates.


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