Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kane Watch: Back to Reality, Anyone?

Looks like our old friend Gene is having a good time bashing Republicans, blacks, black Republicans, the cops and Milwaukee talk radio. Good for you, Gene. Work it. One point really struck me as odd, though. More so than normal, that is:

Gene claims, "No matter how many bloody weekends in Milwaukee, current chief Nannette Hegerty seldom gets roasted by the police union or the talk show squawkers the way Jones did."

I guess Gene must have turned off his headphones this week. Talk radio was all over the 16 shootings, 1 murder and 2 stabbings that happened in our fine city this weekend. The only media entity that was not, actually, was Gene's own The Journal Sentinal. (Well, they did cover the violence in Regional News Briefs, but they sure didn't do any finger pointing.)

So, that leaves me to wonder, exactly who is Gene trying to fry with this point? Seems like a backfire to me.

Hey Gene: It's hard to boil eggs with cold water. (That's my attempt at a Kane-ian proverb).


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