Thursday, April 13, 2006

Michael McGee may want to try Netflix

Has anyone noticed that Alderman McGee seems to have a lot of problems revolving around DVDs?

McGee just won a restraining order against a young woman he claims is obsessed with him (she claims she's pregnant with his child). One of the incidents leading up to the order as quoted from a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article:

He [McGee] claimed the behavior reached its zenith March 31, when a planned meeting to return a DVD McGee lent her ended up with Rucker reaching into the vehicle where McGee sat and clawing his face.

In the same article we're reminded of McGee's recent Blockbuster incident where:

...McGee was arrested in Wauwatosa after he yelled at some Blockbuster employees, who had called police to report a suspicious car in their lot at closing time. McGee said he was meeting a friend - not Rucker - to whom he'd planned to give a DVD on non-violence...

Netflix lets you order DVDs online and have them delivered to the comfort of your own home, usually within one or two business days. In the case of a certain Alderman, it may offer the additional benefit of sparing him from becoming Milwaukee's own version of Ted Kennedy.

[h/t Jules]


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