Monday, April 17, 2006


Yet another rapper goes down while mingling with the lifestyle so often glorified in rap music. Biggie, Tupac, the list goes on. This newest story is only really surprising in the spin that the MSM has placed on it.

To be sure, this weekend's lead states, "He felt obligated to "the streets," friends said, so Proof stayed close to give back what he owed - and paid with his life."

Paid with his life? Touching. Too bad the article goes on to say, "Yet after an argument inside a seedy Detroit after-hours club early Tuesday, police said, Proof fired the first shot in a gun battle that left him dead."

And who's to blame? The article explains, "But rappers and their audiences don't bear all the blame, Hunt and others said, pointing to a music industry that encourages rappers to "keep it real."



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