Monday, May 29, 2006

ITunes will overcharge

Warner Brothers will soon release an album by Paris Hilton, and even if you paid 99 cents for the entire thing, you'd probably be wasting your money.

The next time you hear recording artists and record companies complain about piracy (illegal downloading, not the "arrrgh" kind), think of this: There's a whole lot of crap out there trying to pass itself off as music. And there are a whole lot of idiot record execs shoving talentless nobodies into studios and pouring trunkloads of cash in producing albums that nobody ever wants to hear. And then they scratch their heads and wonder why the thing doesn't sell.

And then they charge you $16 for a CD that has the one song you do want to hear.

Keep in mind that every time you plop down money for the next U2, Metallica or Dexy's Midnight Runners album, you're subsidizing the crap spewing forth from Paris Hilton, Lindsey Loan or that chick from Darcy's Wild Life.

The business model they're using simply sucks. And we keep paying for it. Forget big oil. This deserves a Congressional hearing!


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