Monday, May 29, 2006

My neighbor is worse than your neighbor

Clint has a great little tale up about a neighbor to whom he affectionately refers as A$$hole. He also invites readers to share their neighbor horror stories. Here's one of mine:

Get that off your yard!
A couple of years ago I had to get rid of an old couch. It was too old to even bother selling, so throwing it away was really my last option. I don't own a truck to take it to the city dump, and didn't want to bother my buddy with the pick-up. So I put it on the front curb to have the Village of Shorewood pick it up (for $40).

I called the Village repeatedly and only got an answering machine. Eventually we just left the information and waited for the couch to disappear. Sure enough, it did.

It also cost twice as much.

Turns out the Village never got my calls. But they did get a call from one of my neighbors complaining about the couch being an eyesore. And when the pick-up is in response to a complaint, the price doubles.

Guess it was easier to complain to the local government than it was to me.

A couple of weeks later, a collapsible bed-frame was on my neighbor's curb. I assumed it was left there for pick-up. One day, as I was driving down my street, I saw the jagged piece of metal sitting on the road. I parked my car, picked it up, and put it back on the curb.

Then I heard yelling coming from the neighbor's house. Apparently it wasn't her junk, but had just been left on her curb. And the appropriate solution to that was moving it to the middle of the street. A three foot long piece of dark metal with sharp edges left right where dozens of cars park daily.



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