Monday, May 08, 2006

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The following is posted on The Confidentials and taken from a neigborhood watch group website:

Last night at about 9.30pm my family and I were returning home, we noticed
several small groups of young black males on Vine between 52nd and 53rd. We
turned into the alley between 52nd and 53rd and saw a Chevy van parked on an
apron, we pulled up just past the van and all of the black males then walked
into the alley just behind us, there were about 10-12 of them. My husband called
the police on his cell to inform them of suspicious behavior at which point the
gang began to chase us north up the alley, they pursued us on foot and obviously
we kept in front of them, about ¾ of the way up the alley they cut through to
52nd and assumedly met the van which had reversed out of the alley and driven up
52nd. We saw the van on52nd and Lloyd and took down the license plate at which
point the van began to pursue us, then then pulled along side and attempted to
run us off the road, we were on the phone to 911 the whole time, giving
directions and plate number etc, the 911 operators response was mostly along the
lines of “uh huh” . We then chased the van for several blocks, giving 911
details on where they were and the direction in which they were heading but the
police failed to show up during this time, we finally gave up chase and came
home. We then waited for the squad to come that we had requested to report this
incident and the squad also never arrived, we waited until 10.45 (an hour and 15
minutes) then called and were told that if we couldn’t wait up any longer they
would cancel the the car. I will be calling the alderman this morning to report
both this incident and the lack of police response to it.

Citizens of Milwaukee should be outraged by the lack of police response. This story needs to get out there.


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