Friday, May 26, 2006

(Un)Official Invite

Ask Me Later cordially invites you to Drinking Right.

I know it's going to be somewhere not everyone is crazy about, but until we're official, this is the best I have to offer.

Wednesdy, May 31st, 2006, 5 pm.

Eagans , with the largest back-bar in Wisconsin, serves as an excellent host for this occasion.

Be there, or be square.

Literally, you'll turn into a square if you don't show up. I mean it. I know voodoo.



At 8:49 AM, May 27, 2006, Blogger sliverthetomcat said...

Are cats invited to this event?

At 11:29 AM, May 27, 2006, Blogger Truly said...

It seems a bit like an oxymoron to entitle the event "drinking right" when your event starts at 5pm. Who starts that early?? :-)

At 12:46 PM, May 27, 2006, Blogger Aaron said...

Who starts that early??

Us adults drink to forget. There's no official starting time.

At 1:20 PM, May 27, 2006, Blogger Phelony Jones said...

The worst is when we forget to drink

At 1:34 PM, May 31, 2006, Blogger Nick said...

Well I won't be there at 5... but I might stop by later. How late are you all planning on staying?


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