Thursday, May 18, 2006

XOff: Stuck on Stupid

Bill Christofferson must have bumped his head, as a few of his recent posts make points so ridiculous that I simply can't overlook them (as I normally would) just because we're obviously from different ends of the political spectrum.

First off, there's this gem, where he references some folks called the Gun Guys while bringing to light the apparent injustice of the Wayne LaPierre's salary:

The Gun Guys, the NRA's nemesis, wonder what the average salary of NRA members is, after revealing that NRA President Wayne LaPierre pulls down a million dollars a year in salary and perks. The Gun Guys calculate that it takes the
dues of 35,000 members just to pay him.

Nevermind that membership in the NRA is entirely voluntary, unlike the dues so many blue-collar workers pay to their unions.

Then you have what's nothing more than silliness when Christofferson takes issue with State Sen. Joe Leibham. The blog post he links to begins with:

Senator Joe Leibham issued a press release yesterday saying he created a new
Great Lakes Caucus for state legislators that have districts along one of the
Great Lakes. It must be election season since during the rest of the year,
Leibham doesn't seem very interested in protecting our Great Lakes.

Now I can understand how Bill might want to expose Liebham's election-year posturing, but the entire content of what he has to say is:

State Sen. Joe Leibham, R-Sheboygan, is an election-year environmentalist, Carrie
Lynch says.
But didn't there used to be five Great Lakes?
Leibham only acknowledges two.

Personally, it's nice to see a state legislatotor staying within his boundaries. After all, while there may be five Great Lakes, only two border Wisconsin. And as Carrie Lynch writes, the caucus is for "state legislators that have districts along one of the Great Lakes." Imagine that! State-level government actually doing something at the state level, as opposed to pretending to be a federal level foreign ambassador.

Finally, we have the straw that broke the camel's back. It's the thing that made me say out loud, "Is Christofferson stuck on stupid?" and scare the crap out of my dog. Fortunately, my dog eats his own poop, so there wasn't much for me to clean up.

It's the story of a Missouri town not allowing an unmarried couple with three children some sort of residency permit because too many unrelated people are living under one roof. I'll say right now that's a f***ed up law, but Bill couldn't resist getting a dig in on F. Jim with:

If Jim Sensenbrenner were mayor, kids born in Black Jack would be able to stay
but their parents would be deported.

Jimminy Cricket almighty...does he even understand the issue of illegal immigration and what so many Americans are upset about? Or is it just easier to take a completely unrelated, albeit interesting and compelling story, and straw-man Sensenbrenner's argument so far away from legitimacy that it somehow makes sense in XOff's world?

Wait...I think I answered my own question. Maybe I'm the one that's stuck...


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