Friday, June 30, 2006

I haven't lived in my parent's basement for years!

Sometimes I can be a total fanboy. For instance, anytime I learn a childhood favorite from the oh-so-long-ago early '80s is going to make it to the big screen, I get so excited that I have to breath into a paper bag and have someone pat my back until my face regains its natural color.

You can just imagine how I reacted when I first heard that Transformers was being made into a live-action film. Since I've heard rumbling about this for some time, I thought I'd be able to handle the first teaser trailer to hit the web.

I wasn't. Co-workers have been fanning me and offering water ever since I came to on the floor of my office. Which isn't much different than any other day of the week, other than this time they weren't feeding me grapes as well.

Sure, it's by Michael Bay, so that means were going to see some huge panoramic shot at the end of the film as a bunch of Autobots drive off into the sunset, or somewhere in the middle of the film a bunch of autobots will walk in slow motion towards the camera, but I think I can live with that.


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