Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Random. Eight. Now.

Phel did it. So did Belle. I'm not a follower, just a copy-cat.

1. I'm two degrees of separation from William Shatner. That's not a big deal unless you're a Trekkie. And I'm a closeted Trekkie. That I'm posting this on my blog kinda takes me out of the closet, doesn't it? But the uniform stays firmly there.

2. I make killer gumbo. The recipe is inspired by something I had in New Orleans when I was in my early teens. I've returned to the Big Easy several times since and discovered, to my disappointment, that my gumbo is better than theirs.

3. Heart. Sleeve.

4. I couldn't care less about baseball. I can't stand going to games. I have no desire to watch it on television. But I love movies and documentaries about it and will not change the station if it's on the radio.

5. Boxers.

6. I'm immensely superficial but feel guilty about it. Well, that is, only if the person judging me is good looking.

7. Until I was in high school, I had trouble falling asleep every night for fear of the Soviets launching nuclear warheads...specifically at Milwaukee.

8. I'm superstitious, but make up my own superstitions.


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