Friday, August 25, 2006

Iranian Response to Danish Cartoons

It's an embarrassing day for all Iranians. Tehran, the capital of Iran, is known for its culture, heritage and, perhaps most importantly, its reputation as a place of higher learning.

Today, it represents nothing more than ignorance, hate and violence.

It's a sad day for Iran.

From the Iran Press Times:

TEHRAN The title of the show is Holocaust International Cartoon Contest, or "Holocust," as the show's organizers spelled the word in promotional material. But the content has little to do with the events of World War II and Nazi Germany.

The cartoons are among more than 200 on display in the Palestinian Contemporary Art Museum in central Tehran in a show that opened earlier this month and is to run until the middle of September. The exhibition is intended as a response to the cartoons in a Danish newspaper that lampooned the Prophet Muhammad and were condemned by Muslims as blasphemous.

"It is not that we are against a specific religion," said Seyed Massoud Shojaei, curator of the show, offering a distinction that visitors to the show are certain to question. "We are against repression by the Israelis."

Read the whole article here.


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