Tuesday, August 01, 2006

XOff hopes you're lazy

Bill Christofferson sure must think that readers of his blog are either awful lazy, not very interested in following links or just that they'll take what he has to say at face value and not bother doing any digging.

In this post, he takes great pleasure in pointing out how Paul Bucher and Mark Green chose not to reply to an ethics survey put out by Common Cause, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, and the League of Women Voters. But if you follow the link he provides and take a moment to see how others responded (or didn't), you'll quickly note that well over a hundred candidates in the state didn't bother replying to the survey, including both Democrats and Republicans.

Or course, Christofferson's non-sexual crush, Big Jim Doyle (hey...Bill's always throwing stuff like that out...why can't I?) answered all the questions.

Whatever that's worth.


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