Thursday, September 21, 2006

Doyle's Goin Down!

JSOnline has a major story about Diamond Jim today. While it's nothing we didn't already really know, it takes intuition and makes it fact.

Attorney Michael S. Maistelman bluntly told Democratic Party members of the board he contacted why they should publicly sanction or punish the Green campaign, according to documents obtained by the Journal Sentinel under the state's open records law.

"Even if this ends up in Court it is a PR victory for us since it makes Green spend money and have to defend the use of his Washington DC dirty money," Maistelman said in a 9:31 a.m. e-mail one day before the vote. He sent the message to Carl Holborn and Kerry Dwyer, board members appointed by Democratic leaders of the Legislature.

Sweet goodness. Oh yeah, Doyle's campaign just released a new ethics ad today. Check it out.

Too perfect.


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