Saturday, September 23, 2006

For immediate release!

Uber-Candidate Calls for Return of all Campaign Contributions

For Immediate Release-Saturday, September 23rd, 2006
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SHOREWOOD - "I don't believe Mark Green did anything illegal in transferring federal campaign contributions to his statewide campaign for governor, but it goes to show how out of control the election process has become when it comes to big bucks. Politicians aren't buying their ways into power, but they are being bought."

Candidate for everything David Casper today announced his support for Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mark Green in his challenge of the State Election Board's order that his campaign return contributions transferred from his federal warchest to the state election. Citing an obviously partisan decision influenced by incumbent Jim Doyle's campaign, Casper stated that Green shouldn't be punished as the result of a political maneuver guised as objective decision making.

However, Casper also pointed out that while this flow of funds may have been legal, it's a reminder that far too often the size of a candidate's wallet seems more important than the content of his or her character.

"No candidate should even be in the position where it appears they may have been bought. Campaign contributions, no matter how big or small, or with what intentions they're given or used, will always suffer from a perceived impropriety. I think voters and our nation as a whole would be better served if donations were eliminated altogether," said Casper, a ruggedly good looking first-time write-in candidate for everything.

Casper is proposing that all candidates return the contributions or donate them to charity and limit their campaigning to $50 or less.

"You'd be amazed by what some posterboard and glitter paint can do."

In limiting campaign accounts, Casper further believes candidates will be forced to get out and "press the flesh." It will bring them closer to the people they hope to represent and make them discuss the issues and support their stances rather than inundating airwaves with catch-phrases and attack messages.

Casper isn't holding his breath, though.

"All of these politicians these days are so addicted to the money I doubt they'd ever consider giving it back or moderating the amounts. They're like crack addicts. But with money. Some sort of money addict. What are they doing with all of it? I'll tell you what, you can buy a lot of crack with that sort of money."

David Casper has vowed to lead by example and keep his campaign spending to a tenth of his proposed $50 limit.

Authorized and NOT Paid for by Casper for Everything, David Casper, Treasurer


At 9:04 AM, September 24, 2006, Blogger Dad29 said...

"Ruggedly good-looking?"

Does that mean you survived a fistfight with most of your teeth intact?


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