Sunday, September 10, 2006

Jeff Wagner Rocks It Out Old School

I love this guy. Although I missed it when it was first posted, Wagner recently linked back to one of his old posts that laid out the ground rules for a Journal Sentinel drinking game. After reading it, I immediately thought the game alone should automatically name him a member-in-spirit of Drinking Right:

There is a modern day version of this game that you can play with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Simply sit down with a group of friends and a week's worth of newspapers. Every time you find any of the following phrases: "conservative talk radio", "right-wing talk radio", "right-wing talk shows", "radio talkers" or anything similar - take a drink. Every time you find the phrase "squawk radio" (or any variation thereof), take two drinks. Since you don't want everybody to get too smashed too soon, you only take half a drink each time one of these terms appears in any piece written by MJS columnist Eugene Kane.



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