Saturday, September 16, 2006

Kane Watch: Do your homework, Gene

Eugene Kane wants to know why the media isn't screaming and yelling, at the top of their lungs, where were the parents of the kids at Green Bay East High School? No one, absolutely no one, he says is wondering about this. Specifically, he writes, "If these boys were residents of the central city of Milwaukee, I know this question would have been asked by now." Obviously, Gene, no one is asking that question because those kids were white.

Well, I mean, no one is asking that question except, oh I don't know...maybe...

"How could the parents not have known?" - Charlie Sykes, WTMJ-AM

"We'd like to know how they amassed such a large amount of weapons and nobody (parents) seemed to know." - Diane Alvers, WGBA-TV

"Parents Role Still Unknown" Title of a feature article in the Green Bay Press Gazette.

Nice try, Gene. Either you didn't do your homework or you want it to be the case that things are unbalanced and unfair. I'm putting my money on the latter.


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