Monday, November 20, 2006

Kane Watch: Blame FOX, huh?

Slap me silly, Gene had the audacity to blame OJ Simpon's recent attempt to grab the spotlight on poor, old Rubert Merdoch.

Kane writes, " OJ Simpson is back, thanks for Rupert Murdoch." Oh really? The sad fact of the matter is, OJ never really "went away" at least not in the manner he should have.

And you can allow me to be the first to say that if there's anyone to blame for that, it certainly isn't Rupert Murdoch.

Gene goes on to say, "It's interesting that many folks don't realize the same TV network that brings us sleazy tabloid "info-tainment" programs is also afilliated with FOX News."

Kind of reminds me of a similar situation here in Milwaukee: Many people don't realize the same company that brings us the slop-filled, sleazy tabloid, er um, newspaper called The Journal Sentinel also brings us such fine broadcasting as 620 WTMJ, WKTI and TMJ4. But then, I may be a little biased.

In actually, though, that's not true. Most people in this town realize the connection, as most people who watch FOX News realize that it must be affiliated with the FOX network. I may be going out on a limb here, but I think it has something to do with the "FOX" in the title that gives it away.

Gene was looking for the cheap shot there. A poorly constructed one, at that. If his intention was to draw a parallel, he actually set it up as a compare and contrast. Nice try, though.

Seems he's getting a little ornery with his conclusion, "Fox News, of course, is the network where studies show many viewers still believe the Iraq War is tied to the 9/11 disaster; they also think there's still a chance we'll find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
That's because they watch Fox News."

As opposed to say, CNN news, I suppose, where viewers still believe Americans are the lowest form of humanity, the only people with rights are those "without rights," and that Christmas is not a holiday celebrating the birth of CHRIST, among other things.

Welcome back, Gene! Glad to have ya.


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