Thursday, January 18, 2007

MySpace, Baby Boomers and parenting

Maybe it's because I don't have any kids that this most recent MySpace lawsuit seems so utterly ridiculous to me. Or maybe it's because by some accounts I fit into Generation X, but every time I hear the word, "Myspace," on the news I cringe at what usually follows. It took only a few observations for me to realize that people over a certain age use the word "Myspace" as though it were akin to string theory and that understanding how it works is like a scene from the movie "Codebreakers."

I can't count the number of times I've heard talk show hosts and otherwise attack generations younger than themselves for our apparent laziness. And it's on that note that I present the following opinions:

Never, have I ever seen more laziness than out of the newest crop of teenage-owning parents. Here's a piece of advice for you all: Get a clue! I do not believe that an acceptable excuse in this society anymore is, "My kid did it online, and I don't understand that stuff!"

Get over yourselves, get educated and start parenting your kids. Any adult who honestly believes they can be an effective parent in this society without understanding technology is lazy or just stupid. I'm betting on the former.

Families can get together and sue MySpace all they want, but that sure isn't going to stop the problem. As soon as parents stop being lazy and start getting an online education, I think we'll see a decline in the number of these incidences. And here's a head start for you. YouTube for beginners.


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