Monday, January 22, 2007

Why So Confident?

Look! The Al-Qaeda deputy leader is mocking our president. Why so confident, I wonder.

Al-Zawahri said the U.S. strategy for Iraq, outlined by Bush in a Jan. 9 speech, was doomed to fail.

"I ask him, why send 20,000 (troops) only — why not send 50 or 100 thousand? Aren't you aware that the dogs of Iraq are pining for your troops' dead bodies?"

Oh yeah, I guess that's what happens when your own government and countrymen don't support our troops: the enemy wipes your face in it. And why not? What does Al Qaeda have to fear? The 2008 election? Hardly. They're on the clock now. All they have to do is wait it out and America falls flat on its face.

There's one thing Bush really did get right: "The war on terror will be a problem for the next president. Presidents after me will be confronting ... an enemy that would like to strike the United States again."

Good thing this country is doing everything it can to embolden that enemy.


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