Friday, March 30, 2007

Kane Watch: A little revealing?

It seems that whenever there's a story of a non-black commiting a heinous crime, such as the recent one of two 10 year old boys beating a homeless man, Eugene Kane is quick to point out that the perp wasn't black.

Of course, what he's really doing most of the time, particularly considering that in nearly every instance the offender is white, is saying, "Hey! Look what the white person did!" Granted, it's in a roundabout sort of way, but if he were any more blunt about it even he couldn't wiggle his way out of such blatant racist rhetoric.

Curiously, based on Kane's constant hand-wringing over the color of the suspect's skin and quick assumption that it's black, one might be left wondering if Kane always thinks the worst of black people. I mean, if I were to always assume that a criminal were black until told otherwise, isn't that what Kane would accuse me of?

Understandably, Kane is concerned over the potential "portrayal of black dysfunction" if it turns out the person or people are black, but maybe the first step in overcoming something like this is not making the color of their skin the most paramount fact.

Just a suggestion...


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