Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Watch This!

I am immensely particular when it comes to the kind of watch I wear. In fact, I've had to specifically instruct people not to get me a watch as a gift unless they're absolutely certain it's one I'm going to like, which usually means I've been in the store with that person and said, "I really like that watch!" That's how I ended up getting my last watch as a Christmas present a couple years ago.

Well, a few weeks ago I decided I no longer wanted that watch. I was in an inebriated state at the time, so it either ended up at the bottom of the Milwaukee River or as a gift to Miss Gay Latina Wisconsin (long story). Either way, I've been watch-less ever since and depending on my cell phone to tell me the time, which gets pretty inconvenient after a while. All this time I've been eyeing up watches wherever I am, be it in a department store or even at a CSV. And all this time I haven't managed to find anything I liked.

That is, until last night.

Meet the ZX1 Drivers LED Watch, a replica of a 1970s Pulsar model. Finally, I've found something where I won't have to go through all that excruciating work of turning my wrist all the way around to know what time it is! I ordered it online yesterday and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Hey, some people get excited over new kids, I get excited over a new watch. We all have our priorities.


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