Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Blogworthy Conversation

A co-worker and I were getting coffee this morning when she commented on the number of worms on the sidewalk.

Me: Do you know why worms come out when it rains?

BJ: No. Why?

Me: Because otherwise they'd drown.

BJ: Really?

Me: Yeah. Pretty simple when you think about it, but that never dawns on anyone.

BJ: What did they do before sidewalks?


At 2:00 PM, April 03, 2007, Blogger Michael said...


What DID they do?

Man, that's a puzzler.

At 4:53 PM, April 03, 2007, Blogger grumps said...

It really did smell wormy outside this morning.

At 11:48 PM, April 03, 2007, Blogger Billiam said...

What did they do before sidewalks? They just came up to the top of the soil. Grumps is correct. It did smell wormy this morning...


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