Monday, April 30, 2007

Kane Watch: Blogging Welfare

I've got an idea for Gene: How bout all of us white bloggers create a blogging welfare system, and start giving some of our posts to the minorities since minorities are at a blogging disadvantage? That way, none of them will have to actually do anything to have a blog!

They won't have to put in the time, effort or research to write anything!!! Since it doesn't cost anything to blog, and since there are no gatekeepers to blogging it's really the only logical thing that can be done, right? I mean, clearly, anyone who's not white is at a disadvantage when it comes to blogging because white folks actually have the desire to put thoughts in to words that are published on the internet, and that's just not fair!

Okay. I'm being incredibly facetious, but it's my guess that this is the kind of blogosphere Kane is advocating for. Seriously! Just look at this comment:

It was clear the blogosphere in Milwaukee is similar to most institutions in town: predominantly white and filled with folks who only want to talk about race relations if they can blame all of the problems in the black community on Ald. Mike McGee.

The only similarity I see that can be made between the world in general and blogging is that it takes a little effort to get anything done, on either front. If anyone wants a blog, all they have to do is start typing. I can't make anyone's fingers do the talking for 'em.

But I digress. The real point here, and the most telling aspect of Kane's entire column, is that there are plenty of diverse voices around the cheddarsphere. Kane doesn't bother to do any research before making such sweeping claims, and he just doesn't recognize anyone that doesn't sound like him.

He's the worst kind of narcissist. He's a racissist*. And that's all I have to say about that.

*A racissist is one who believes that the ethnicity of one's peers is valid if and only if said peers reflect the exact same beliefs as oneself.

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