Friday, April 06, 2007

Kane Watch: What a Real Youth Leader Looks Like

Eugene Kane recently stated in a blog post that the young people protesting the new rules at Mayfair Mall were leaders:

What's clear to me is young black people in Milwaukee have a serious public relations problem.... All I know, I'd hate to be a young black person in Milwaukee today with such baggage to carry. That's bascially what these young black leaders were trying to say during their protest over the new Mayfair Mall policies. I wonder if anybody heard them?

It's my own opinion that these kids are little more than whiners who believe it is the responsibility of business owners to provide entertainment and safe harbor to bored school kids. That's why, when I saw this story today, I thought I'd point out to Mr. Kane what young leaders really look like, and the type of actions they perform:

Waukesha West High School's National Honor Society Academic Decathlon team was in need of $10,000 to fund their trip to the National Championships in Hawaii.

As a result, the Messmer students plan to travel to Waukesha to hold a spaghetti dinner the night before the West team's departure for the national decathlon competition in Hawaii, with all of the meal's proceeds going to help pay for the cost of the trip.

The type of character this action has displayed is a rare thing, these days. And that's why I'm pleased to see the amount of attention it's received. These Messmer students don't seem to have a public relations problem at all. In fact, it's quite the opposite. And if any youth in the city of Milwaukee have earned the right to be called "leaders" as of late, my vote goes to these kids.


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