Friday, April 06, 2007

Those Poor, Poor Sex Offenders

AP is reporting on a story out of Miami, Florida that highlights five sex offenders currently living under a bridge. Due to sex offender regulations that prevent them from living near schools, parks and places for children, the men could not find suitable, legal housing.

So, what's it life on the street like for these poor souls?

...he and the other men fear for their lives, especially because of "crazy people who might try to come harm sex offenders."

"You just pray to God every night, so if you fall asleep for a minute or two, you know, nothing happens to you," said 30-year-old Javier Diaz, who arrived this week.

Talk about ironic. I think I've heard a victim of sexual assault make the same observation.

I guess I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for these criminals. If I had it my way sexual assault would be punishable by death. Given that opinion, living under a bridge doesn't seem so bad.


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