Wednesday, April 04, 2007

To The 6th District...


You have successfully shown the rest of the Milwaukee that you won't be pushed around. Who you have represent you in city-level politics is your decision, and you made it. The "Forces of Darkness" did not prevail and you have stood up for what you believe. This is a glorious day in the history of Milwaukee politics.

But executing your democratic rights does come with consequences you should be aware of. Having told the rest of the city you chose to continue to be represented by a racist, homophobic, perjuring adulterer whose own self-interests will always and forever supersede those of his constituents, you have essentially said that you do not wish to play an important role in how this city is managed. You have shown your support for a man who has consistently advocated for law-breakers and has popularized a campaign where citizens should not cooperate with police, even though his district, your district, demonstrates some of the highest rates of violent crime in the city. You have allowed the control of your district to remain in the hands of a man who impregnated a woman who was not his wife and later went on to threaten to kill her in a court of law. You have told the city of Milwaukee, quite bluntly, that you just don't give a flying fuck.

So please forgive the rest of us as we begin to sing the same tune. Forgive us for not caring ab0ut what happens in your neighborhood. Forgive us for making every effort possible to not allow the apathy you seem to have accepted to bleed into our neighborhoods. Forgive us for turning our backs on our own neighbors.

But don't blame us, for you turned your backs on yourselves long ago.

And to those of you in the district who didn't vote for Michael McGee, Jr., move. Your neighbors have quite obviously chosen a path that does not serve your interests, and you can only go on so long trying to solve the problem before you're forced to the conclusion that the problem simply doesn't want to be solved.


At 10:44 AM, April 04, 2007, Blogger Billiam said...

I said the very same thing over at Pete's. People in the 6th had a chance to make a statement. They did. Now, live with it. You are no longer worthy of sympathy, for you refuse to take a hand in curing the problem. So be it.

At 5:27 PM, April 04, 2007, Blogger Cantankerous said...

Well said, mate!


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