Friday, May 18, 2007

Cuprisin Watch: The Case of the Missing Post

I may be the only person in the world who saw a post magically disappear from Tim Cuprisin's blog today. I guess that's why I feel so compelled to write about it.

A little after 5 p.m. I was checking out JSOnline and noticed Cuprisin had a post up on the front page called, "The defense," or something to that nature. I'll try to paraphrase below:

The post linked to Patrick's blog stating the obvious differences between McBride's comments and the recent talk radio situations of late. Cuprisin gave a synopsis of Patrick's post, which was decidedly biased in that he completely disagreed with Patrick's stance. Most oddly, though, the post then ended with something along the lines of: I have received many emails wondering why I never took on McBride before. I've always been accused of staying away from her because of the whole Journal relationship. To tell the truth, her time slot is really the no-man's land of radio. When radio is slow, tv is hot and so there never really was anything for me to cover.

I backed out of the blog and went to the homepage, and noticed that Cuprisin was no longer listed as one of the most recent writers. When I tried to find the post again, it was gone. Five minutes later, a post titled, "That was fast," appeared. A few minutes after that, he double posted the same post, but changed the title to, "That was fast, McBride out." (My guess: He probably realized that the homepage didn't reflect the McBride reference so went back to correct it in the title to manipulate the homepage.)

Amid the flury, I found myself wondering: Why the backdown? He clearly wanted to argue that it was wrong to defend McBride and seemed poised to make an attack. Yet, moments after his first post, WTMJ issued the press release, and he took a big eraser to the post.

It seemed like he finally had his moment to "take on" McBride. Why the change in heart? It certainly was a telling post in that his word usage suggested that one of his goals has been to "take on" McBride at all. I found that interesting. I'd sure like to know what happened. Of course, you'll all have to take my word and paraphrasing for it, as the post is no longer there.

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At 8:10 PM, May 18, 2007, Blogger Patrick said...

I caught it too (in comments). I am glad I wasn't the only one that seen it, proves that I wasn't seeing things... Maybe it proves that Cuprisin is afraid of my wrath... Or something.


At 8:52 AM, May 20, 2007, Blogger Jay Bullock said...

Cuprisin's explanation of why he never writes about McBride was in one of his earlier posts. I don't know why he would have disappeared his reference to Patrick. He responds to email (in my experience), so you can, you know, ask him.

At 9:54 AM, May 22, 2007, Blogger John said...

Huh? You folks are in la-la land. Jessica's show was cancelled because of the free market. It was not getting the ratings. All the reports say so, they wer ready to pull the plug. It's laughable you all think it was because of some so-called (non-existent) "liberal media." That's because in fact WTMJ is the home of the right wing blowhards, and the Sentinel/Journal now is dominated by the editorial opinion of the Sentinel; it's not the Journal of old. Also, of course it is the case that Cuprisin has been very silent on McBride's show for many months despite many people asking him to comment on it, pleading with him to do so. Jessica doesn't know how lucky she is. In fact, though, of course the main point is that she is the victim of the free market. I thought conservatives believed in markets? No?


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