Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Important!


Ramon has not had much to say in much time, and it is with the very heavy heart that he must come back into your lives under such sorrowful circumstances. He hopes that you can bear with him as he shares with you this news he is about to share.

The other day, the Casper and the Cantankerous were out driving in the part of the town that Ramon always tells them to be careful. But do they listen? No! Cantankerous has a bit of the heavy foot and was doing the speeding. Some of the peoples in the place where they were driving were not very happy with this and reacted in a way Ramon DOES NOT approve of, even though he does not approve of the speeding either. Long story short, several rocks and bricks were tossed in their general direction.

Now, do not worry! Everyone is alright! There were some minor head injuries but the doctors can do amazing things. However, both of them have been acting very strangely and Ramon is concerned. He suspects that there may be some changes around here. Casper and Cantankerous have been sounding a bit unlike themselves and Ramon would not be surprised that when they return you fantastic people you may notice a bit of a difference yourselves.

Until then, please, wish them all the best.



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