Monday, November 26, 2007

Overblown Offense

Nick has said* what I'm sure a lot of people have been thinking. Personally, I've found that a lot of people tend to blow things way out of proportion when it comes to something as innocuous as a silly little bumpersticker. In fact, just after creating this one...

..the complaints really started rolling in:

  • The puppies are black and white. Why are no other races represented?
  • Isn't it unsafe to leave a toddler so near two dogs?
  • The baby is caucasian. Shouldn't we be kind to babies of all races?
  • The lettering is in blue. Should we assume female babies/puppies are excluded from acts of kindness?
  • Not in Spanish.
  • Use of the Latin alphabet is offensive to those whose languages use the Cyrillic, Greek, Arab, etc. alphabets.
  • Too Aryan
  • Some people are allergic to dogs.
  • Image of baby offends childless couples.
  • Is documentation available to assure that the puppies were not bred at a puppy mill?
  • What about kittens?
  • Was basket made in a free-trade nation?
  • Not enough cowbell

*Sorry...blogger won't let me link. I'm referring to what Nick said in this post ( in which he observes " be honest, that "controversy" was blown out of proportion by everybody, and has become a parody of itself."


At 2:37 PM, November 26, 2007, Blogger Jenna said...

This just reminds me of how much I miss you...please come back?

At 4:14 PM, November 26, 2007, Blogger Aaron said...

No Braille?

At 8:58 PM, November 26, 2007, Blogger Nick said...

Absolutely priceless.

At 2:57 PM, December 03, 2007, Blogger John Foust said...

All the kittens on my blog are mixed race. The boots, they're black and shiny.


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