Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hey Lefty!

Now that I have our one liberal reader's attention, I'd like to extend to him or her an invitation.

It seems to me that a vast majority of Americans are taking serious issue with the marches in favor of rights for illegal immigrants as well as those citizens who support them. But short of fairly lame arguments like "why not prosecute the affluent whites who hire them" (I'm all for that, by the way) or "being anti-illegal immigrant makes you anti-immigrant and racist" or "we were all immigrants at one time" (but those were different times Nicole Devlin), I've yet to see a legitimate point being made as to why we should be forced to simply open our doors to anyone who wants to come in and ignore the fact that millions broke the law in doing so. Granted, I don't have a lot of time to dig around for this, but you'd think I'd have seen at least something!

Come to think of it, even reading some left-leaning blogs it seems that liberals aren't entirely keen on illegal immigrants taking advantage of us either.

So who is?

Frankly, this debate is really starting to tick me off. That's right, I'm getting New Hulk angry. While for a long time I've had a soft-spot for illegal immigrants simply because their desire to be here was actually flattering, these marches and demands for rights that they've tried to steal has gone to far. Voces de la Frontera can kiss my big green ass for all I care. Peg Lautenschlager and Kathleen Falk have demonstrated just how unqualified they are to uphold the law by supporting law-breakers. And so far as I'm concerned, it takes a lot of cajones to come here illegally, hold a job illegally, skip out of work and then march for something you think you should get in spite of not doing a damned thing to earn it like so many of your former countrymen have!

So before I rip out of my shirt, I'm going to ask someone, anyone, to send an e-mail to askmelaterblog@yahoo.com. Justify the recent marches. Make me believe we should forgive and forget all the illegal immigrants currently here and planning on coming in the future. I'll happily publish your thoughts.

I'm waiting.


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