Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Space

I typically like to think of "my space" as that area others shouldn't intrude unless invited or having plied me with copious amounts of alcohol. Frankly, that concept is preferable to what has to offer.

To some extent I get why it's so 12-year-olds. But what the hell is the deal with 20/30-somethings literally living on the thing. I signed up just because I had to if I wanted to learn anything about it. But I've gotta say that people I know who are on it with the regularity they are should be embarrassed with themselves. I've witnessed people who talk in person on a daily basis post comments on one another's' profiles because...because...well, I have no idea why!

Again, if you're 12, Myspace is probably just keen. If you're 25, grow up. Leave Myspace to the perverts and the dumbass pre-teens with parents lacking in parenting skills. If you're so deprived of a personality in person, trust me, the nifty picture, obnoxious background, annoying song and cryptic comments from your friends ain't doing you any favors.

And if you're a business with a Myspace page, declare bankruptcy today.


At 6:06 PM, February 07, 2007, Blogger JesusIsJustAlrightWithMe said...

Are you trying to be ironic by knocking myspace on your blog?

At 8:33 AM, February 08, 2007, Blogger Casper said...

How do you mean?

At 5:14 PM, February 08, 2007, Blogger JesusIsJustAlrightWithMe said...

Because they are very similar beasts. For example. has anyone that you talk to on a daily basis ever commented on your blog? Should that person grow up? Aren't blogs and myspace both ways of showing off to some degree? "Look at me, what I have to say is important." It's true that on myspace, lots of people, but not all of them, say really stupid shit. But that's true about blogs too [Check out this one if you want to see stupid shit:]. My point is that the medium of myspace is not worse than the medium of blogger [If you don't want to put up a picture or a goofy background, then don't]. It's not really the people either. There are douchebottles on both.

Also, do you use email? How is sending somebody an email that has your picture next to it less mature than sending someone an email that doesn't have your picture next to it? Isn't that the difference between myspace and hotmail or gmail or whatever? Have you ever had a party on a Friday night that you didn't decide to have until Friday afternoon? Isn't it easier to send a note out to your friends on myspace than it is to call all of your friends?


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