Saturday, May 05, 2007

Kane Watch: Chirp, Chirp, Chirp

I know I can't be the only one wondering: Where in the world is Eugene Kane? After the strong stance he took against Imus, you'd think he'd be frothing at the bit to take some shots at the most recent outrageous comments aired out on the radio waves.

After all, I have to believe that Eugene can no longer claim, "The most offensive thing I've heard recently on Milwaukee radio was the suggestion that voters in Ald. Michael McGee's district were less intelligent or criminally minded for supporting him against the wishes of outsiders."

You know, I'd bet my life on the fact that more outrageous things have been said on the airwaves recently. And if the above "offensive" statement was worth putting in a column, then I sure as hell think the recent ones are even more so.

Just where in the world is Eugene Kane on this? I know that Kane feels pretty strongly about these issues. Consider his most recent blog headline, yet another one about Imus:

Hey Gene, you out there? We're all dying to know, where do you stand on this? Are you outraged? Or, should we just chalk it up to a silly blogger attacking yet another McGee in what is an out-of-context situation and nothing but a waste of time?

Boy, it must be a tuff time to be Eugene Kane. Between all his support of the McGee's in the past, his recent bandwagon jumping Imus and the completely misinformed blasting Patrick and all bloggers in general, there really isn't a right answer for him right now.

My guess on what we'll hear:

UPDATE: At least one black leader in the community has something to say about this. And I emphasize the word leader.

UPDATE: Kane's newest column, a piece about a not racist book that is written from a racial point of view (the author's own depiction) is posted now. Let's call it another shining example of racissism with such brilliant statements as: if it's a judge like Thomas - notoriously conservative on issues such as affirmative action, criminal justice and the 2000 presidential election - sometimes it's hard to appreciate having such a powerful black figure deciding important issues who doesn't think the way most black people do.

Regarding McGee, it's as I said, chirp, chirp, chirp....

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